How we agree to get-on together




This document serves to inform you as a user about the user rights of the Software as a Service (SaaS) that Eyevestor B.V. (hereinafter: “Eyevestor”) offers, online and offline. What rights and obligations you (user) and we (Eyevestor) have. A user is anyone who logs in and has one or more user roles.

It is important that you read this document before accepting these terms. Like all general- & use terms, this document contains legal terms, paragraphs, and new terms. We have tried, with care, to draw up a document that is as clear as possible.

All of our services, agreements and conditions are merged into this document (except the Privacy Policy and the Disclaimer because they deserve their own documents and it is important that you take note of them as well at: in the footer).

Before you can finally create and use a user profile on, it is necessary that you agree to these general- & use terms and that you accept that you will take responsibility for certain actions and pay for certain services. More information about which services these are, can be found at: Pricing.


Eyevestor provides a modern digital solution for what has been possible in analogue for centuries: providing finances from investors for Small, Medium and Large Sized Enterprises.

In this digital environment enterprises can digitally set up a legal structure and issue digitised shares (eyecons) in a totally transparent way to registered shareholders and investors (vestors); shares that at a later moment can be either exchanged or sold safely on a digital marketplace and that can provide a periodic dividend.

To make clear how we have set this up and under what conditions we work, we use the following definitions, in accordance with our working principles. The list is in alphabetical order and should therefore be read in full to understand the logic.

  • Account: the account that the user has as an eyeconholder within an eyeventure in which transactions take place and whether or not eyecons are held. A user can have multiple accounts within one or more eyeventures.
  • Accountholder, eyeconholder: the user who has one or more accounts in one or more eyeventures.
  • Account type / Member type: each account is assigned a member type / account type by the eyeventure Administrator. Different rules and conditions drawn up by eyeventure are linked to each account type, which can be found in the eyeventure's member type table.
  • Beneficiary: A beneficial owner who is the beneficial and legal owner of the account.
  • Buyer / seller: users who buy or sell eyecons of an eyeventure.
  • Dividend: the profit to be distributed as determined by the eyeventure. Dividends can be paid in cash (money deposited in your bank account), in products, services or in eyecons; all as determined by the eyeventure.
  • ECO (Eyeventure Community Offering) transaction: (issuance of) eyecons by an eyeventure for selling these eyecons to users with access to the eyeventure.
  • Escrow account: Cash account with payment partner in favour of the eyeventure as seller against predefined conditions.
  • Eyecon(s): the digital units issued by eyeventures. An eyecon is always a digital reflection of (part of) an existing legal financial instrument, a security or an economic right. In all cases, an eyecon is not a derivative of an existing legal financial instrument, a security, or an economic right. Where the eyecon concerns a (partial) certificate, the conversion to an entire certificate is displayed within the eyeventure. The eyecon is always the smallest possible unit.
  • Eyecon agreement: any agreement between two users that is concluded electronically within the eyeventure environment. This is either an agreement between an eyeventure and an Accountholder for the issuance of new eyecons or a purchase of existing eyecons, or an agreement between users for the transfer of existing eyecons. Eyevestor is not a party to this agreement. Eyevestor only offers a software application to the eyeventure and the Accountholder to enter into an eyecon agreement.
  • Eyecon Governance Check: The Eyecon Governance Check is a formal process by Eyevestor to validate the legal and member types setup of the eyeventure entities and agreements and their security as eyecons.
  • Eyeventure terms: The conditions drawn up by the eyeventure and visible online in the eyeventure, related to the eyeventure and the Accountholders of the eyeventure. In case of conflict between the eyeventure terms and these General & Use terms, these general- & use terms shall prevail.
  • Eyeventure: the online environment set up by a user for an Organisation or Eyeventureholder on the Eyevestor platform.
  • Eyeventureholder: a natural person, at least 18 years old, who is authorised as a user on behalf of an Organisation and who manages the eyeventure. This can be an assigned third party.
  • Eyevestor: Eyevestor B.V., with its registered office at Europalaan 100, 3526KS in Utrecht. Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 67783309. Eyevestor B.V. is part of Eyevestor Holding B.V. Eyevestor Holding B.V. is part of Eyevestor Coöperatie U.A.
  • Eyevestor platform: The online social and transaction SaaS (Software as a Service) platform set up by Eyevestor with the solutions we developed for eyeventures and their users.
  • General- & use terms: the general- & use terms as set out in this agreement.
  • Join: The process of registering as a user on the Eyevestor Platform. Joining as a user includes the creation of a beneficiary.
  • Live: An eyeventure needs to go live before being able to issue eyecons, transfer eyecons or buy and sell eyecons. The live process freezes the number of eyecons, the Legal tab and the Member type tab.
  • Marketplace: the online environment within an eyeventure in which eyecon agreements can be concluded in a bilateral manner through transactions using the Eyevestor platform.
  • Organisation: a legal entity, partnership, company, institution, or association with a single purpose; registered as an eyeventure.
  • Other costs: costs related to services purchased from Eyevestor, an Eyevestor Partner or third parties appointed by Eyevestor or the eyeventure.
  • Payment partner or Payment Service Provider: External partner through which payments are made.
    • Online Payment Platform (OPP) is the trade name of Online Payment Platform B.V.. OPP is registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce with number 50124498 and is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). You can find the license register in which OPP is included on the DNB website, as well as at the European Banking Authority. OPP is located at Kanaalweg 1 2628 EB in Delft. Payments via OPP are made via the online payments foundation. For users, both the consumer terms and the merchant terms apply.
    • Bunq is the trade name of bunq B.V; bunq is registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce with number 54992060 and is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). You can find the license register in which bunq is included on the DNB website. The VAT number is NL851519945B01 and the address is Naritaweg 131-133, 1043 BS in Amsterdam.
    • Current account: the trust account of the Stichting Derdengelden Eyevestor (SDE) registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 67781993, made available and used exclusively for the temporary management of cash flows. The SDE statutes are available on request to:
  • Security: Any legal form of fungible, negotiable (financial) instrument that holds some type of monetary value. It represents an ownership position or right to convert into an ownership position.
  • Subscription costs: the amount that the eyeventure pays to Eyevestor B.V for the use of our Software as a Service. Can be found on Pricing.
  • Transaction: A bilateral eyecon agreement movement of eyecons from one account to another account.
  • Transaction fees: (i) the amount charged to the seller, buyer or both for the conclusion of an eyecon agreement, (ii) the amount charged by Eyevestor for the processing of Dividends or other forms of payment of economic rights to Eyeconholders. A success transaction is a completed transaction whereby a debit and credit of eyecons took place.
  • Transfer (a transaction type): a transfer of eyecons from an eyeventure to an eyeconholder where no payment is made via the platform and is in execution of an already existing agreement.
  • User(s): any legal or natural person (who is at least 18 years old) who has registered and accepted these general- & use terms.
  • Use terms: the agreement that is concluded between the user and Eyevestor by registering the user as an accountholder and to which these general & user conditions apply.
  • User Roles: A user as visitor, As Eyeventure, as Vestor (eyeconholder), Partner, as Super-admin.
  • Vestor: An eyevestor term for a user who is an eyeconholder in one or more eyeventures.
  • WFT: Financial Supervision Act, as amended from time to time.


These general- & use terms apply to Eyevestor and each user.


Eyevestor gives organisations and everyone involved in the success of the organization the opportunity to do more with shares. Through Eyevestor, organizations strengthen their relationships with their stakeholders by digitizing the effects of their organisation in the form of eyecons in an eyeventure. Here the focus is on the issuing companies. Potential investors can participate in eyeventures that appeal to them for reasons of general support, social impact or, above all, financial return. An eyeventure creates accounts for its existing and new eyeconholders (vestors). Eyeventures have in-platform communication capabilities.

Both the eyeventure and the eyeconholders have access to specified transaction types and the Marketplace of the eyeventure (when opened by the eyeventure) where bilateral agreements can be entered into within set rules and conditions, the eyecon agreement.

  1. Eyevestor does not offer advice or opinions in any way. For example, no advice is given in regards to: an investment, to an eyecon agreement, the price, the valuation, the conditions or rules set by an eyeventure. Eyevestor does not give any opinion on the status of an eyeventure and the risks associated with entering into a transaction in an eyeventure. Nothing Eyevestor says should ever be construed as advice, including financing or investment advice.
  2. The user is requested to complete the join process and confirm joining by e-mail, which makes the registration final. When the user is created, a beneficiary is created at the same time. A user can only delete himself as user as long as no Success transaction has been carried out.
  1. One person can only create one user profile.
  1. A user has one or more beneficiaries linked to one or more accounts in one or multiple eyeventures.
  2. Registration is only possible if these general- & use terms are accepted. The Registration creates a user Agreement between Eyevestor and the user.
  3. Once the registration has been completed, a user can create one or more eyeventures or become a vestor.
  4. Once an eyeventure has been created a verified beneficiary requires to be linked before going live.
  5. Depending on the conditions set by an eyeventure, a user can request an eyeventure to create an account or invest directly.
  6. After an eyeventure has created an account for a (potential) eyeconholder, the new user will receive access to his or her account
  7. Furthermore, registration with an eyeventure enables the users to use the communication channels, the eyeventure has opened up in the eyeventure environment,
  8. An eyeventure must comply with mandatory fields and verifications, with which the user Agreement is concluded and to which these general- & use terms apply.
  9. An eyeventure can only have more than 20 accounts or get the choice to go (semi-)public following a successful eyecon governance check.
  10. A user cannot derive any rights vis-à-vis Eyevestor from the fact that a user has opened an eyeventure or an account in an eyeventure for obtaining eyecons. A decision to pay and perform a transaction and/or eyecon agreement is entirely at the expense and risk of the user.
  11. Within an eyeventure, specific provisions with regards to the use of the eyeventure environment and with regard to buying and selling are included. This includes the rights and obligations that apply regarding the vestor, the eyecon and the account- (member) type. These rights and obligations are determined, among other things, by the security on which the relevant eyecon is based, by any notarial documents, legal conditions and regulations regarding the eyeventure and the policies and conditions applied by the eyeventure as set out in the legal and member type tabs
  12. Eyeventures can digitalise existing securities or enter into new legal securities and digitalise them. Certain delivery obligations may apply to the legal conclusion of a transaction, such as an invoice or the execution of a (notarial) deed. The user will be informed per eyeventure how these formal delivery requirements must be met.


  1. As a user and as a beneficiary you need to identify yourself. You do this in the first instance by confirming your email. Later in the process and depending on your actions, you will also need to confirm your bank account as a contra account and your mobile phone number. Beneficiaries also include personal and address data as part of the identity verification.
  2. Under certain circumstances, we reserve the right to request additional personal verification from you. Not exclusively, this may require iDin verification or a valid copy of your ID or passport. Or if you operate as a legal entity to provide us with a recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. If we believe that you have not identified yourself sufficiently or that you do not cooperate sufficiently or in a timely manner, we reserve the right to (temporarily) block or cancel your account. It is up to the user/beneficiary to prove that the user/beneficiary is who he/she says he/she is.
  4. When confirming your bank account, we may require you to make a payment as part of the verification process or to pay for related charges.
  5. Eyevestor will at all times comply with applicable GDPR laws and regulations for the recording and management of personal data.
  6. Changes to your profile are your responsibility and, if applicable, must also be amended within 24 hours.
  7. As a single person you are supposed to have only one user.
  8. We strive for every user to personalize his / her profile as much as possible, but do not make it an obligation, unless required for certain actions on Eyevestor or required by an eyeventure.
  9. In the event of passing away, we expect to be formally notified as soon as possible, at the latest within 30 days thereafter, by those who are authorized to exercise your rights as a user in this unfortunate event. Before transferring the account to someone else, we must receive the necessary evidence and instructions on which to act within reason.
  10. Until we become aware of your passing away, we will likely continue to carry out instructions and cannot be held responsible for any actions resulting from those instructions.
  11. If we find out ourselves that you have passed away, we will have the right to suspend your account until we are formally notified. If there are costs for our cooperation, we reserve the right to charge these to your heirs in all reasonableness.
  12. In the event of bankruptcy, seizure or other legal charges against your (legal) person, you must inform us immediately in writing. We then reserve the right to follow or to impose instructions and to freeze your eyecon positions until there is clarity and to suspend your account and all associated rights, or to terminate your account. We will cooperate in all reasonableness, but also reserve the right to charge related costs.


  1. Eyevestor is a Software as a Service platform. Eyevestor is currently not supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets or De Nederlandsche Bank. Eyevestor does make every effort to provide an environment to ensure eyevestor, eyeventures and vestors comply with regulations.
  2. For payments made via Eyevestor, an escrow account is used as described in these general- & user terms. All escrow accounts are independent of Eyevestor and the users, for the benefit of the users. Transaction fees paid and withheld from the escrow accounts are for the benefit of Eyevestor B.V.
  3. The user will only offer a responsible part of his freely investable assets for sale and/or invest in eyeventures.
  4. The user will spread his or her risks by dividing investments in multiple eyecons, instruments and asset classes to minimise risks.
  5. The user is aware that Eyevestor does not provide investment advice. The eyeventures shown on Eyevestor are expressly not recommendations of Eyevestor. The user makes his or her own assessment and investment decision, whether or not with the help of an advisor.
  6. An investor shall be aware of what he/she is investing in and understand that:
    1. Investing in eyecons, which may, per eyeventure, represent another financial instrument, is risky and that investors can lose 100% of their investment.
    2. An investor only invests a conservative part of his/ her investable assets in an eyeventure.
    3. It may take a long time before a return can possibly be made.
    4. It is sensible to diversify within the investment portfolio as there is not always liquidity in the eyecons invested in.
    5. The information presented may not have been validated by professional third parties.
    6. For any investment to be done the investor is to carry out thorough research before investing and the investor will take full responsibility for the investment decision.
  7. The eyeventure must be fully aware of the intended objectives and weigh up possible risks when setting up an eyeventure, including the costs and fees involved, issuing eyecons and legal and moral obligations to vestors. It is advisable to involve the right advisers. Eyevestor closely cooperates with– specialised - Eyevestor Partners that offer relevant services. Partners are found on the website.
  8. It is the eyeventure's responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), with a specific focus on the Wft, the Exemption Regulation, its duty of care and prospectus duty and all other legal and regulatory obligations in that context, in connection with the establishment and management of an eyeventure. More information can be found on the website of the AFM.


  1. Good governance of an organisation protects the interests of stakeholders, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders and companies.
  2. Eyevestor strives for a humanitarian approach and this includes bilateral relations and personal responsibilities. Treat others the way you want to be treated; communicate the way you want to be communicated to yourself; report what you would like to have reported; inform yourself about what you would like to be aware of; do as you want done to yourself. Good governance revolves around norms, values and civilized behaviour, where civilized behaviour has everything to do with norms and values. We rely on good governance and management of interests by each user. The eyeventures also include compliance with statutory, moral, community and platform obligations.
  3. We reserve the right to draw attention to advise concerning good governance and if necessary, block users if we believe that good governance and management of interests are not observed or that damage can be done to Eyevestor and its users.
  4. Eyeventures are required to comply with their own governance requirements as set out in their legal documentation. Eyevestor may require additional requirements of good governance as it deems fit for the better interest of Eyevestor and its community of users and the vestors in the eyeventure.


  1. Eyevestor processes personal data in the context of its services. This processing of personal data is done in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, as further described in the Privacy Policy available via the Eyevestor website. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the general- & use terms. By accepting the general- & use terms, the Privacy Policy is also accepted.


  1. The Eyevestor website and the Eyevestor platform are protected by copyright. Eyevestor Holding B.V., which company holds a controlling interest in Eyevestor, holds these rights, with the exception of the rights with regard to the data posted with regard to the eyeventure. It is not permitted to reproduce or make public any written data, content, videos or images on the website without written permission from Eyevestor, users or eyeventures


  1. Eyevestor takes the greatest possible care to ensure the reliability and timeliness of the data on the Eyevestor platform. Inaccuracies and omissions may occur. Eyevestor is - unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Eyevestor - not liable for damage as a result of inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information offered, nor for damage resulting from problems caused by or inherent to the distribution of information via the website. Nor is Eyevestor responsible, for malfunctions or interruptions of or errors or delays in the provision of information or services by Eyevestor or by the organisations on the Eyevestor platform.
  2. The texts placed on Eyevestor regarding eyeventures only reflect the opinion of the eyeventures and their Organisations themselves and not that of Eyevestor. Eyevestor only has a facilitating role as a software & infrastructure supplier, by offering the Eyevestor platform with the appropriate facilities. However, Eyevestor does not express any opinion as to the chance of success of any eyeventure and the risks associated with making an investment or entering into an eyecon agreement. Eyevestor is in no way liable for unexpected disappointing results unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Eyevestor – and a decision to make an investment is therefore entirely at the expense and risk of the buyer.
  3. Eyevestor's liability is at all times limited to compensation for direct damage, except for intent or gross negligence on the part of Eyevestor, but never to more than for the amount of value of which Eyevestor received related payments. Eyevestor is never liable for indirect damage, including in any case lost profit, lost savings, decreased goodwill, damage due to business interruption, damage as a result of claims by third parties, loss of data and consequential damage. Directors or other legal representatives of Eyevestor are never liable for any damage.
  4. Eyevestor is entitled to change or remove the content of Eyevestor, including these general- & use terms, at any time without prior notice.


  1. The user Agreement is entered into for an indefinite period of time.
  2. Eyevestor may terminate the user Agreement with immediate effect and without notice of default in writing (including by e-mail) and suspend its obligations when:
    1. User does not, not timely or incompletely fulfil his obligations under the user Agreement and after having been summoned and given a period of at least 7 working days to still fulfil his obligation, remains in default;
    2. Eyevestor becomes aware of facts or circumstances after concluding the user Agreement that provide good grounds to fear that the user will not comply with the obligations under the use terms;
    3. Circumstances arise which are of such a nature that it is impossible to fulfil the use terms or it cannot reasonably be asked of Eyevestor to maintain the user Agreement unaltered;
    4. User has unlawfully placed information on the Eyevestor platform or other media;
    5. The user has filed for bankruptcy or a request for a suspension of payments or admission to the statutory debt rescheduling scheme has been submitted with regard to the user;
    6. There is a legal obligation to do so.
    7. Possibly at the discretion of Eyevestor, if there are good reasons for doing so. For example, in connection with statutory provisions and/or whether or not there are reputation risks for Eyevestor and Eyevestor cannot be expected to accept these risks.
  3. As soon as the use terms ends, Eyevestor is entitled to deny the user access to the Eyevestor platform.
  4. If Eyevestor makes use of one of the aforementioned powers, this does not affect the possible applicability of any agreement between users and the general- & use terms that also apply in that relationship.
  5. If Eyevestor makes use of one of the aforementioned powers, Eyevestor is in no way obliged to pay any compensation for costs or damage that has arisen in any way whatsoever.
  6. Users should not use Eyevestor for:
    1. That which is contrary to the purpose of Eyevestor as established in the articles of association and these general- & use terms,
    2. That which is discriminatory, exaggerated (positive or negative), inappropriate or harmful to yourself, other users, eyeventures or Eyevestor. So also, no manipulative, false, fraudulent, boastful information that could harm any user through your actions or third parties appointed by you.


  1. It is our intention to keep you, users, sufficiently informed. It is our intention that eyeventures keep their (potential) eyecon holders sufficiently informed. Within each eyeventure there are communication options on the platform. Our ambitions are that functions and possibilities are continuously improved and expanded.
  2. We may call, e-mail, invite you or want to meet with you as a user.
  3. We also offer you the opportunity to communicate with us through various online and offline channels which can be found in the platform and clearly present on our website.
  4. When we communicate with you, we will treat you as a fellow human being and will communicate with you within social reasonableness. You will be able to subscribe or unsubscribe for certain messages and channels. You cannot unsubscribe from communication from the Eyevestor platform as long as you are a user. For certain actions and transactions, we will also communicate with you about your activity and/or the consequences of your activity.
  5. You are responsible for ensuring that you are aware of the communication that reaches you. We cannot be held responsible for communications that you may have missed while we or other users have communicated appropriately to you.
  6. You are expected to behave as a decent person in all communication channels. And that with mutual respect you treat your fellow human beings on and around this platform the way you want to be treated yourself. In the community channels on and off the platform you must not insult, discriminate, incite hatred and envy or make statements that could influence the value and appreciation of Eyevestor and/or eyeventures in any way.
  7. If you feel that other users are misbehaving, we would appreciate it if you let us and the relevant users know. We reserve the right to delete messages.
  8. We will never ask you for security sensitive information like your password, so don't give it out.
  9. Even if we send you incompetent or incorrect communication, no rights can be derived from this. We will treat everything in a reasonable way.


  1. Complaints can be sent by email to A response will follow within five working days, stating the next steps. Eyevestor will then endeavour to deal with the complaint as soon as possible. However, Eyevestor is in no way responsible for the actions or obligations of a user.
  2. Eyevestor provides support in-platform, by telephone and email. General support tickets will be responded to within 2 working days. There is a knowledge base accessible from within the platform Support button.


  1. By accepting a bid, an eyecon agreement is established between the buyer and the seller.
  2. The eyecon agreement will consist of the provision of eyecons, whether or not against payment, by the eyeventureholder or eyeconholder within the eyeventure to the buyer.
  3. The eyeventure Terms on which an eyecon agreement can be made differ per eyeventure and are stated in the eyeventure environment of the Eyevestor platform.
  4. After the payment has been made by the buyer to the payment partner, the eyecon agreement will be settled and the seller is entitled to money.
  5. The sale price will be paid to the payment partner, after which the payment partner pays the selling price to the seller or escrow account less transaction costs that will be paid to Eyevestor.
  6. Upon confirmation of receipt of payment to the payment partner, the eyecons will be irrevocably credited to the buyer after irrevocable eyecon debit from the seller.
  7. If the payment partner is designated as the payment address, then it is expressly stipulated that the buyer can only pay in a discharged manner to the payment partner and not to the seller directly. This means that the buyer has fulfilled his obligation to pay if the funds have been received in giro form on the payment account (IBAN account) of the payment partner. The payment partner then has an independent obligation to pass on the monies received to the seller.


  1. Termination is precluded unless that specific right is granted. Transaction costs are always due upon termination and transfers arising therefrom.
  2. Bids are binding and cannot be unilaterally revoked by the buyer.
  3. If the buyer has not paid within the expiry date, the seller gets the right to cancel the transaction.
  4. Dissolution cannot take place after payment.


  1. Unless stated otherwise, all prices and rates are in Euros and exclusive of VAT. Eyevestor is at all times entitled to change its prices, whereby it will apply that already agreed prices can only be changed after the subscription period. Eyevestor will adjust prices in reasonableness and insight if determining factors have changed since the conclusion of the user Agreement.
  2. Price changes will be actively communicated to users and can be found on Pricing. Payment must be made, without suspension or set-off, in the manner indicated by Eyevestor within the reasonably set terms. Eyevestor is at all times entitled, before performing (further) performance, to demand security from the user that both the payment and other obligations are met. The security is provided in the manner determined by Eyevestor.
  3. Eyevestor charges fees for executing eyecon agreements and dividend payments. In addition, Eyevestor also charges fees for the eyeventure dividend payments. At the end of the month, these fees are invoiced by Eyevestor to the eyeventure.
  4. By default, subscription prices for the eyeventure are offered annually by Eyevestor B.V. Monthly payments are possible at cost-effective tariffs. Each package and subscription form can be adjusted monthly or can be cancelled after year one.
  5. Other costs: Other costs such as transaction costs and costs for additional accounts are charged immediately and/or monthly in arrears and can be collected by direct debit, 10 days after invoicing.
  6. Services offered by partners and third parties will be clearly stated and must be approved by the user before the service is provided.
  7. Eyevestor is not responsible for costs incurred by users, whether or not related to the use of Eyevestor.
  8. Invalid use of transfer transactions by the eyeventure is not allowed and subject to transaction charges


  1. We have built an infrastructure where the security of your data is a high priority.
  2. Nevertheless, we advise you to change your passwords regularly.
  3. Despite the great care and measures we take, we can never rule out fraud, hacking and theft. We cannot accept any liability, especially not if your data is easy to find for unauthorized persons.
  4. If you suspect that something has happened to your data or account by an unauthorized person, then (to help you) you must inform us immediately.
  5. Never give sensitive information to third parties. We will never ask you for your password. Be careful.


  1. If any provision of the general- & use terms is held to be invalid or non-binding, this shall not affect the other provisions of the general- & use terms.
  2. These general- & use terms and all non-contractual obligations arising therefrom are governed by Dutch law. All disputes arising from these general- & use terms will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.
  3. The articles in these general- & use terms, which by their nature are intended to continue after the user Agreement or eyecon agreement has been terminated, also remain in force after the use terms or eyecon agreement has been terminated, or after a transaction has already been executed, on the basis of an eyecon agreement.
  4. Eyevestor may change or supplement these general- & use terms. In the event of structural changes, Eyevestor will make every effort to inform each user before the effective date of the relevant change in these general- & use terms.


  1. Use of Eyevestor and the information available on Eyevestor and in eyeventures is not intended to, and does not constitute, an offer of securities in any place, or to any person to whom, making such an offer would not be lawful under the laws of any jurisdiction where this is not allowed. It is the responsibility of each eyeventure and each user to ensure that all laws of each country relevant to their request are complied with. Each user must consult their professional advisors regarding the requirement of consent from the user's government, any other agency or comply with other required formalities to enable them to be users of Eyevestor. Failure to comply with applicable restrictions may constitute a violation of the securities laws in those jurisdictions.
  2. The eyeventure does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy eyecons in the United States or to any United States person (as defined in the regulations under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended (US Securities Act)) and is not available to individuals in the United States or to US individuals. The securities in the offering have not been and will not be registered under the US Securities Act or the securities laws of any state of the United States and may not be offered or sold in the United States or to United States persons except under an exemption of or in any transaction not subject to the registration requirements of the US Securities Act and applicable state securities laws. Please also refer to the IRS website and their summary of FATCA reporting for U.S Taxpayers.
  3. All information accessible on Eyevestor is only available to persons accessing the site from countries where it is permitted to do so. If you are accessing this site from a location where it is not allowed, you should not view it. By accessing eyeventures you confirm, among other things, that you are a resident of a country where it is allowed to access Eyevestor and eyeventures.
  4. Besides American persons, also residents of Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Cuba, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, North Korea, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine - Crimea region, United States, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Yemen are excluded from the use of Eyevestor. Residents from all other countries that are subject to an EU or Dutch sanction are also excluded.
  5. In addition to the Dutch, bank account holders from Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden use Eyevestor as these countries are offered in our payment solution.


  1. Last but not least. Eyevestor aims to improve the world in a unique way. See us as a Social Enterprise, a B-Corp or any other organisation that moves socially and culturally. We consider organisations, clubs and companies and their stakeholders as the primary cradle of any society. If we can create more involvement, kinship and ambassadorship in these organisations, then we are well on the way. You can find more about it on our website.
  2. Offering more liquidity in your equity is therefore a logical step. Liquidity is nothing without the ease of supply and demand coming together. There is no value without liquidity. And the more recognition your equity gets, the more demand for it will be. That is why companies go to the stock exchange and investors go to the stock exchange with low threshold because they find liquidity there.