Sharefunding® with Eyevestor

Go further with equity

Total solution

An integral solution with advanced tools. For everything from creating your inital agreements and terms to opening up your share marketplace.

Do not borrow but share

Don't start with debt, start with equity and shareholders as ambassadors. Connect and unite through sharefunding.

Involve your employees

Create the optimal culture with employee participation. Your employees become colleagues. “Informed co-workers will make responsible decisions!”


Connect with customers, partners and investors. A complete community platform to connect and motivate your co-owners. Turn them into your best ambassadors.

How does it work?

Register your company, digitalise your shares and your register and start your sharefunding campaign

Create your eyeventure. Create a user account. Personalize your profile and control what parts of your profile and your eyeventure others can see. You can also involve one of our partners to set up your eyeventure and sharefunding round.
  • Decide how and when someone can join
  • Set your price
  • Decide who, when and how you will setup you ECO (Eyeventure Community Offering)
  • Determine the valuation and which % you will use for your sharefunding round


This is where the real work lies. Determine your conditions and set up the sharefunding form. Capture complex agreements easily, clear for everyone.
  • Go public or stay private. Organize everything flexibly
  • Determine the form of participation in the form of member types
  • Determine the form of participation in Member types. You can define 4 types of co-owners
  • Complete your eyeventure, tone of voice and style so your plan and message comes across well
  • Involve an Eyevestor Partners to realise your plans optimally, fast and good

Involve and invite your shareholders and investors

Create accounts for your shareholders, reward your employees and customers with shares.
  • Create User Accounts for your shareholders
  • Check whether your company has the right legal entity
  • Digitise your shares
  • Create accounts for your shareholders
  • Transfer their positions to their accounts
  • Setup your cap table

After all the tweaking you put your campaign page live. Congratulations, your company is now listed on your own 'stock market'

Fund growth and increase engagement

Keep everyone informed through Community features. Give your investors a say. And facilitate your own marketplace.
  • Give existing shareholders their shares or issue new ones
  • Gauge the opinion of your shareholders on the community pages
  • Determine and substantiate your valuation
  • Use the subscription module and invite people to subscribe their investments
  • Convert your subscribers by giving them an account and transactions. With 1 press on a button
  • Monitor you investments real-time and get your investments paid at the end of each business day
  • Communicate and engage directly with your co-owners with the extensive community module
  • Hold online video conferences, send polls and get instant weighting of votes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sharefunding?

Sharefunding is not just financing with shares; it is a unique approach that focuses on equal interests and long-term relationships.

As a registered brand name of Eyevestor, Sharefunding® goes further than simply financing shares. Here you can define different types of shareholders, such as customers, partners, colleagues and investors, each with their own unique involvement.

With Sharefunding® you not only get access to investment opportunities, but also to various transaction types that span the entire life cycle of equity capital.

Think of a message board that acts as a marketplace for trading stocks, along with more than a dozen transaction types for transfers, sales, and redemptions.

The platform even offers a community module with features such as posts, polls, votes and its own library for documents. Everything you need to build a healthy, long-term ownership relationship can be found at Sharefunding®.

What is Eyevestor?

Do more with your own capital as an entrepreneur! With sharefunding® on Eyevestor you can better manage your equity and build relationships with shareholders that go further than just a financial relationship. The more involved, the more ambassador!

Eyevestor is the sharefunding® platform that gives every organization opportunities to do more with its equity, its share capital. That starts with the digitization of share capital and shareholders. This makes administration simpler and central, financing can be collected and employee participation can be easily realized.

In addition, you also have access to a community section with which you can maintain contact with your shareholders, individually and collectively. Eyevestor thereby offers you a dynamic life cycle solution in a complete ecosystem.

We represent any company that wants to raise growth capital, start its employee participation, issue new shares or create a secondary market for its shareholders.

We represent every investor who wants to buy shares in a company he believes in, which is why we started Eyevestor. To make investing, buying and selling shares more accessible.

We stand for accessibility and liquidity for everyone. We stand for freedom and value. We stand for a share in each other. Dare to share.

What is our vision?

Most of the people are either customers or employees of SMEs. Yet SMEs cannot do much with their best product: its share. By dividing you multiply and that's how you get a share community. We want to crack open the global equity market of equity, one of the most inefficient and secretive industries in the world.

We want people to invest again because of involvement and interest, with a low-threshold. We want people to invest in each other, locally and globally. Our vision – Dare to share! Sharing increases your reach. Eyevestor makes this a possibility.

What about regulatory compliance?

We believe it is of the utmost importance to provide a fully legal platform. Eyevestor has applied for an ECSP Crowdfunding Regulation License, which is pending. As an ecosystem, Eyevestor has been designed and built as such that Eyevestor and its stakeholders act according to and within AFM and ESMA guidelines, and if that is not the case, then they can still act accordingly. We hereby refer to our General & Terms of Use.

What is our product?

The core of the platform is very simple. It gives entrepreneurs new opportunities to sell shares in exchange for work and/or capital. With our platform services you can create a community for your shareholders and turn them into ambassadors for your organization.

The smart thing is that entrepreneurs themselves choose the conditions on which they sell their shares and how active they want investors to be.

A small family business can use Eyevestor to easily make a private sale of part of the company, so that the sale is safe, legal and transparent.

Via Eyevestor, everyone involved can participate and provide input from any desired location. We then also offer an over-the-counter primary and secondary market, where investors can buy and sell each other's shares, again according to the agreed conditions.

What problem do we solve?

Eyevestor makes digitizing your shares and buying and selling your shares simply accessible and simple.

Eyevestor offers solutions for entrepreneurs, shareholders and investors. For entrepreneurs to register, administer and use their share capital online to raise capital. For medium, small and large companies it is easy to manage the share capital digitally, online and professionally.

Companies should be able to do more with their own capital. Eyevestor offers possibilities, choice, freedom and value.

A total solution with advanced tools to make Equity Related Equity; to interactively involve shareholders and stakeholders and to allow equities to gain value.

Can I see how Eyevestor works?

Yes – register and create your Eyeventure for free - the online environment of your company (Create an Eyeventure). Start by digitally representing the conditions that you have already created in analog.

Is the Eyecon a coin or a crypto?

No. The Eyecon is the digital representation of the legal property right that the Eyeventure (the company on Eyevestor) manages and that the Eyeconholders own or invest in. Per Eyeventure / company this depends on the entity (Eyeventure) that is managed in the Eyeventure. Eyecons are usually digital representations of:

1. Shares (NV) or

2. Depositary Receipts of Shares (STAK**) or

3. Membership Rights (Coop) We believe it is of the utmost importance to provide a fully legal platform.

Other tools and points will be added to this. It is always correctly displayed on the Legal tab of every Eyeventure.

You do not have to buy a coin or the like before you buy an eyecon. You pay the eyecon you buy in Euros and there is no further conversion that takes place.

Can every company join Eyevestor?

In principle yes. You cannot have more than 20 accounts if you cannot prove that you are legally correct and you own what you are selling.

What control does Eyevestor exercise over Eyeventures?

As little as possible. It is the intention that everything that happens in an Eyeventure happens bilaterally between the entrepreneur and investor / eyeconholder. The main check that Eyevestor does is to validate that what the Eyeventure says it is selling is correct and not tempting. Even then, all responsibility lies between the bilateral parties. We believe in culture and infrastructure, not in rules from above. Eyevestor always reserves the right to intervene reactively or proactively.

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