Pricing for companies

With GO, SHARE and FUND you can always achieve what you want, when you want. Get the most out of your share capital. Manage it on Eyevestor! A subscription for every phase! From start to exit.

Simple & valuable: pay for what you use

Three plans to give you a package that suits every stage of your business and the needs you have.

With GO you can get started and manage up to 20 shareholders and investors privately. SHARE is there if you want to grow and make full use of your employee participation. With FUND you can use everything to optimally sharefund!

Subscriptions are annual and can be upgraded at any time.

Review the GO SHARE FUND subscriptions in detail. Check the event charges page.

Millions € sharefunded

€ 0 - 10

2,5% - 1,5% (0,1% discount per million €)

€ 10 - 20




More accounts*

Up to 500

€ 0,25

From 501

€ 0,10

From 5.001

€ 0,05

*Per account per month in addition to the number of bills already included. This applies to all accounts. With or without position.


You have 800 accounts in FUND, then you will be charged an additional 700 accounts. The first 100 are included. The next 400 accounts fall into the first graduated scale and cost 400 x € 0.25 x 12 = € 1,200 per year. The last 300 accounts fall into the following scale and cost 300 x € 0.10 x 12 = € 360 per year. The total costs for 800 accounts are therefore €1,200 + €360 = €1,560 per year. Or € 1.95 per account per year.

The amounts for subscriptions and invoices are exclusive of VAT. No VAT is charged on transactions.

Calculate below how much your funding round will cost with the sharefunding calculator.

Go-live costs

GO: €300
SHARE: €600
FUND: €1,200

The one-off costs when going live are subscription related. If you upgrade your subscription during year 1, you only pay the difference.

Where applicable, the one-off costs include the Eyecon Issuance, Eyecon Governance Check (EGC) and the EBI, the legally required Essential Investment Information check. The EBI is also called the KIIS. KIIS stands for Key Investment Information Sheet.

Please note: If you work with a Sharefunding® Partner for on-boarding and go-live, you will receive a 50% discount on the one-off go-live costs.

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI):

Every organization that trades financial instruments is required to have an LEI. If your eyeventure entity does not have one, we will organize this easily, quickly and cost-effectively with our LEI partner for € 60.-

Event costs:

Event costs are costs that arise from a need, an event that involves relevant processes. Examples are issuance or burn requests, escrow, split, conversion, dividend distributions. They are charged in consultation and when applicable can be found here.

VAT applies to the one-off, go-live, LEI and event costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a company yet, can I then still set-up my own eyeventure?

For sure! That's why we have plan GO! With 'GO' you can start out with your first 20 shareholders.

Since the costs are displayed monthly; is there a minimum period for my plan?

The minimum period is one year, every time. We only bill you for 'Events' and 'Accounts' when applicable.

I have plan 'GO' and would like to add more accounts, is that possible?

No. But, it is possible to have more accounts from plan 'SHARE' and beyond. However, you then have to be compliant with the legal requirements, which includes a completed Eyecon Governance Check.

We expect to need more accounts for our plan soon, can I then upgrade still in time?

You can always upgrade, on each and every moment. You only pay the difference for that year. Downgrading can be done per year.

How and when does the discount, applied per milion sharefunded, get applied?

The discount of 0.1% is applied on all transactions, as soon as the next tier is reached. The volume discount gets revised and adjusted once per month.