Financing a startup

Where to find the funds?

Startup financing

Where do you find startup financing? Startups require significant investments, which banks in particular are reluctant to provide. The traditional lenders shy away from the risk, so you will probably have to look for alternatives.

Just like in SME financing ( funds can be raised in multiple ways ( So are you looking for financing for startups? We have listed a few options for you.

Government grants and seed capital

The Dutch government is not known as a startup supporter, but it does offer a number of options:

  • Early Phase financing (in Dutch: VFF)
    Is a pilot or prototype finished? The government can act as co-financier. It concerns a collaboration with another lender to arrive at the total amount required on the basis of the VFF.
  • Law for the Promotion of Research and Development Work (in Dutch: WBSO)
    Do you have to do a lot of R&D work? If you carry out technical scientific research, you can receive an allowance for this. Make use of, for example, the WBSO (
  • Innovation credit
    The innovation credit is provided by the government for the development of new products and services. It must involve at least 150,000 euros, for a scalable development. In addition, a number of additional conditions apply (

Financing and alternatives for Startups

Do you want to bring startup financing together in a different way? This can also be done without the government and the bank. For example, you can try to collect money from private individuals.

Perhaps you have already tried that through crowdfunding, or you have thought about it. It is an interesting way to bring together the required investment with several small amounts. However, keep in mind that this is a loan, which may limit your growth opportunities and ambitions.

Instead, opt for sharefunding. In this way you receive investments from committed ambassadors. They believe in your company, the growth plans and the ambitions you share. In addition, you use equity instead of debt. And of course you have all kinds of options not to give away too much control or even to keep it completely in your own hands.

Startup financing

So are you looking for startup financing, for example because you are at the bank? And do the options from the government offer no solution, but are you still looking for money to grow? Especially as a start-up it is a good idea to gather involved private individuals. They want to invest because they believe in the plans you have. In this way you bring together the money you need, based on an investment instead of a loan.