Sharefunding® Readiness Check

Let's validate how we can assist you in the best way.

Sharefunding Readiness Check - English

Company Phase
Welcome to the Sharefunding® Readiness Check. We would gladly understand where you currently stand with your business, and where you want to go, so we can determine how sharefunding® can help you achieve your goals.
This questionnaire validates to what extent your needs align with sharefunding. We look forward to mapping out your sharefunding journey.
All the information you provide here will, of course, be treated confidentially.
In which phase does your firm currently stand? 
Which distribution of roles do you currently have in-house? 
On which social media platforms are you active? 
Company Type
Which entity does your company hold? 
Do you alreadty have a LEI-code? 
On which type of client does your company focus on? 
In which financial phase does your company currently belong? 
In the last year, how much was your company's revenue? 
In the last year, was there stable revenue? 
What is the status of the equity of your firm? 
How much capital does your company need to survive the next 6 months? 
Financing Needs
Do you have a budget for setting up the sharefunding campaign? 
Do you already know which financial instrument you want to get finance with? 
Which % of your 1st funding round can you finance through your customers, friends, family and other relationships? 
Do you have any debt (loans) in your company? 
When do you need to repay your outstanding loans? 
Have you previously made a credit application to a financial institution? 
Have you got any idea what your company's valuation is? 
What will the financing be used for? 
Are the current shareholders prepared to get new shareholders on board? 
Does your company already have an employeeparticipation plan? 
Skills & Resources
Which skills do you currently have 'ín-house' where you are totally content with? 
About you & More
Have you already thought about a sharefunding® partner? 
How can we adress and contact you?
Thank you! This gives us a good insight into your needs. We will now look into the best way to use Eyevestor to achieve your goals.

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