Invest in blockchain companies

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Investing in blockchain companies

You want to invest in blockchain companies: how do you do that? The blockchain is a new technology with enormous potential. Many people know about Bitcoin, although you probably already know better than that.

It is about much more, as new technology that stores transactions. The technology uses cryptography for security. In addition, the full transparency ensures optimum reliability, for example compared to traditional private registers in which transactions are kept.

The linked 'nodes' in the system make their own copy of the network, so that there is always a possibility to restore everything properly in the event of a crash. This is one of the reasons that it is considered the technology of the future.

Bedrijven rondom blockchain

Blockchain is getting more and more applications in all kinds of sectors. By investing in blockchain companies you benefit from this growth and development. And more importantly, you contribute to the capital that is needed to make these developments possible.

Within blockchain companies you can invest in start-up ( ). Or in companies that are more advanced, and for example work on healthcare administration, which is currently often done on paper. The applications are very broad, making everything possible in all kinds of sectors.

Invest in blockchain

We offer you the opportunity to invest in blockchain companies via Eyevestor. And that's not all, because you also get the chance to become an ambassador for such a company. The involvement is high, thanks to the social nature of sharefunding. You are close to the company in which you invest. Embracing the plans, growth and development creates a bond that makes you both co-owner and ambassador.