Finding an investor for your startup

Where to begin?

Finding an investor for your startup

Looking for an investor for your startup: where to start?

There are all kinds of startup investors, also in the Netherlands. This is evident from the fact that companies are growing around you. How do they find funds? And how do you ensure that those investors really want the best for your company?

When looking for an investor for a startup, there are many questions. Finding a good investor is therefore not as easy as it sometimes seems.

Finding multiple investors

And suppose that as a startup you are looking for several investors: how do you approach that? Having only one investor would lead to that investor suddenly having a lot to say. Or this one investor invests only little money, so that you only gain little in capital or cash in hand. If you really want to grow, more money is needed, and for that you may have to combine several investors.

At Eyevestor we believe in investors in startups. And specifically the plural, because we believe in sharefunding. By gathering a group of investors you generate the capital you need. And not from creditors who mainly look at the euros and their returns. But from investors who become ambassadors and want to grow with you.

Ambassadors instead of investors

So do you want to look for an investor as a startup? Think big and look for it in a group of investors. From individuals and successful entrepreneurs, who are willing to put money into plans they believe in. And in companies they believe will grow in the future. This way you know for sure that you have the same goal.

If you are a startup looking for an investor, we will help you make the right match through Eyevestor and our partners. You do this on the basis of sharefunding. It means you issue stocks, which investors buy. They become co-owners of your business because they believe in what you are up to and what you are working on every day.

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