Loan money for a company

Is there a different way?

Loan money for a company

That is the first thing many entrepreneurs think of when they want to grow. And do you want to start a business and borrow money to realize the plans? It's kind of a Pavlovian reaction, although that's changing very slowly.

Traditionally you would borrow money for your own company. With the borrowed money you buy machines, stock and pay advances to other suppliers. Debt is a necessary evil. It limits you in your growth ambitions for a while, but it is something you have to endure. Is it though?

Investors instead of creditors

Fortunately, that can also be very different. Are you going to borrow money for a company? Then you have to deal with creditors. Those who demand a high or a low interest rate, but who sooner or later want their money back. And not so much concerned with your company and the plans, as long as they see the return and their money.

They limit your growth and ambitions, because they have no interest in seizing new opportunities. They would much rather see a stable turnover, without too many risks. You can borrow money for your own company, if you then repay it stably and according to a tight schedule.

How different would that be with investors? By not borrowing money as a company, but collecting investors who buy shares. And who thus become the owner of both your company and the idea, the growth plans and the ambitions that you have as an entrepreneur.

Is your business and revenue growing? Then their wealth also grows, so you have a shared interest. A very different cooperation is created than with creditors. As a result, borrowing money for a company suddenly no longer seems so interesting. And expanding the share capital seems a lot more attractive.

Don't borrow money for a company: Sharefunding

So you don't want to borrow money for your company, but are you looking for extra capital? Sharefunding is the modern alternative to crowdfunding and traditional (bank) loans. You do not collect creditors, but you enter into partnerships with investors who believe in your concept. And who like to see you do business, because that's what you're good at.

Eyevestor is the online platform that helps you to approach those investors, to bind them and to let them invest. Tell them the story of your company, the plans you want to realize and the idea they will believe in together with you. We create a new way of working together. Sharefunding is done together with investors, who become co-owners of both your company and the ideas, ambitions and growth you want to realize.