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From our partner Funding Masters:

Fish Tales is a strong Dutch company that focuses on sustainable fish. Founded by fish specialist Bart van Olphen and Harm Jan van Dijk. From scratch they have now built a solid company with their canned fish and smoked salmon with a turnover of €15 million in 2022. Their goal is nice and ambitious, growing to €100 million in 2027. The solid base is in the Netherlands, where they are available at all supermarkets. In addition, the products are also on the shelves in Belgium and Germany. But the really big growth in the coming years will be in America!

Fish Tales stands for sustainable fishing so that we can all continue to enjoy fresh fish indefinitely. Happy Fisherman, Healthy Oceans is their slogan for a reason. As the only canned tuna supplier, they are fair trade certified.

Fish Tales is now really breaking through on the American market. Over the past year they have made deal after deal with the really big parties. Wow, in at Walmart, Costco, Wholy Foods Markets and many more parties. The entire top 3 is served by Fish Tales and half of the top 20 supermarket chains. In the first quarter, turnover was already higher than in the whole of 2022!!! Excluding Walmart and Costco, sales will start there in the fall. New growth capital is needed to support this strong growth in America. We are very proud that Fish Tales, under our guidance, has already started its third sharefunding round on Eyevestor!

Fish Tales itself writes: “Changing the world of fish. We believe it is possible! We believe we can change the world of fish. Raising consumer awareness, making the sustainable alternative more available and involving the industry in this. Those steps are necessary. To achieve this, we are looking for shareholders who are not only financially involved, but also want to personally contribute to taking steps towards a better world with healthy oceans. They want to contribute to building a community that will set the world in motion.”

The main features of this round are:

- Target amount financing round: €1.0 million. PLEASE NOTE: the target has already been amply exceeded and extra certificates have been made available. The maximum amount that can be raised is €1.5 million.

- Company valuation: €21 million before issuance of new capital (pre money)

- Minimum investment: €250,-

- Price per certificate: €1.95

- Expected return: average 25% price increase per year from now until the end of 2027.

It is of course very nice to be able to report that Fish Tales made its first round of € 1.1 million in 2021. The price return for this group is no less than 95%. In 2022, the second round will also have raised €1.1 million. Since that round, the price is up 47%.

Do you also want to contribute to a better world through truly sustainable fishing? Become a shareholder and invest. About 1,100 people have already preceded you. And… if you invest before July 1, you will receive a nice welcome bonus that increases to 75 bonus certificates and a nice fish dinner.

You can read all about Fish Tales' plans, outlook and investment information on their investment page in our platform {embed link}. You can easily invest by logging in and clicking the invest button.

Fish Tales is supported by Funding Masters from Baarn. You can reach them via Feel free to contact us if you want to know more! Or bezoek Funding Masters' Sharefunding® Partner page.