Pricing for businesses: Event costs

The more events, the better your business does, if you do it right!

Eyevestor is so much more than just a crowdfunding or funding platform. It is the solution for the entire lifecycle. We call this sharefunding®. We are the sharefunding and engagement platform.

With your co-owners, you've entered into a long-term relationship. Everyone loves the freedom to move. Therefore, not only is joining easy and accessible, but the ability to exit is also an important option that we offer to you.

But also communicating, engaging, and connecting, so that you build an optimal relationship, is done on Eyevestor.

Our platform offers you numerous possibilities. This translates into many features and choices. And also in events that come with your relationship. Such as starting a new round, issuing new certificates, and more. On this page, you will find various events and their associated costs.

Eyevestor Sharefunding® Partners are there to guide you through this process and the possibilities. Make sure to also engage with them.

Event-related costs are charges applied specifically on request or when applicable to an event. For the launch of the eyeventure, Eyecon Issuance, EBI, and EGC are already included in the one-time launch costs.

Eyecon Issuance / Burn

€ 150,-

To issue new eyecons (Issuance) or to remove unused eyecons from the depot (Burn), it must be verified that the issuance/burn has a legal basis.

Essential Investment Information (EBI / KIIS) Check

€ 350,-

To conduct a public sharefunding campaign, it is required that Eyevestor validates that your Essential Investment Information (EBI) is complete and easily readable. Your first KIIS review is included with your subscription. Adjustments after the review and subsequent KIIS reviews are charged. KIIS (Key Investment Information Sheet) is the English name for EBI (Essential Investment Information).

A public sharefunding campaign is regulated when a funding round is accessible to more than 150 individuals.


1% (minimum € 350,-)

Escrow means that received funds are held in a third-party account before being paid out or refunded. In the case of a refund, funds are returned to the investor without charge. Escrow-related costs are not transaction fees. No additional charges are applied for escrow payouts, only standard transaction fees apply. Escrow refunds do not apply when a non-experienced investor activates a refund within four days. The costs apply to the entire transaction value of the funds in partner escrow.

Partner Escrow

5% (minimum € 1,000,-)

Partner Escrow means that the transaction between investors and the eyeventure has been successfully concluded. However, the transfer according to the agreement does not occur in full to the eyeventure until certain corresponding conditions or objectives have been met. The costs apply to the entire transaction value of the funds in partner escrow. If a refund needs to be made to the investors, it occurs through a buy-back and transaction costs apply.

Partner Charges

€ 350,-

Partner charges are transactional success fees that can be applied according to the agreement. Partner charges are withheld separately during transfer and can be invoiced by the third party based on the closed tri-partite agreement. The charges are for the setup.

Eyecon Split & Check

€ 3.50 / account

An eyecon split or reverse split revolves around the number of accounts. The relevant issuance or burn is included. A minimum of €350,- applies. To perform a split, it must be tested that the split has a legal basis and complies with all regulations. Subsequently, the correct number of eyecons must be proportionally allocated or withdrawn per account.

Eyecon Governance Check

€ 350,-

We (re)validate whether the eyeventure and the eyecon are in compliance with the legal setup and representation.

CLA Conversion

€ 3.50- / account

A CLA conversion can be done by yourself. If you prefer that we do it, that is possible. A minimum of €350,- applies. It involves allocating eyecons to the individuals whose loans are being converted to equity. If you do this from a CLA eyeventure, we will also transfer the eyecons to the depot of the CLA eyeventure. If it concerns a new issuance, that is separate.


€ 250,- + 1%

For payouts such as dividend payments in eyecons or cash. It can also involve other Corporate Events (CEs). CEs are events initiated by the eyeventure that will change the status of the eyecons issued by that company. A (Special) General Meeting usually precedes a CE.

Mandatory and voluntary events exist. Mandatory events affect all shareholders. An example of a mandatory corporate event is a cash dividend. Voluntary events, as the name suggests, give you the choice to participate. An example is a takeover bid. Or a choice of dividend in eyecons (stock dividend) or in cash.

Eyevestor Ready Analysis

€ 500,-

It's not necessary, but it's allowed. The Eyevestor Ready Analysis is our view of your Eyeventure. We review each tab from an investor's perspective. You will receive a report from us which you can then use as you see fit. We look at your valuation and plans. In the end, we give our personal opinion on whether we would be willing to invest on a personal basis. Why or why not? The Eyevestor Ready analysis is our opinion and not investment advice and is not intended to be published without our permission. We take it seriously because your success is our success. It's even smarter to go to sea with the right Sharefunding® Partner. Then that's your sparring partner during your Eyevestor Ready and Sharefunding trajectory.

All amounts are excl. VAT. No VAT is charged on transactions.

CLA eyeventure

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If you use a CLA eyeventure first, the same costs apply as for the other plans. You get a 50% discount on the subscription costs once you also have a second eyeventure and your CLA eyeventure converts.

Multiple eyeventures & branded label

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If you want to manage multiple eyeventures simultaneously as a fund or for other reasons, or have your own branded eyeventures page environment, please contact us.

All amounts are excl. VAT. No VAT is charged on transactions.

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