Buying shares in a company

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Buying shares in a company

Buying shares in a company: more and more individuals are exploring the possibilities of investing. They look for companies that are worthwhile. And that can of course mean anything.

Some invest to make an attractive return, others find it important that they recognize themselves in the mission and growth plans. So do you want to offer the possibility to buy shares of a company? Then a good financial prognosis alone is no longer enough. It must be about the mission, the vision and the ambition to grow into a successful company.

More and more private individuals are exploring the options for investing.

Investing: startups, SMEs and other companies

Buying shares of a company is becoming easier. With Eyevestor we make investments in startups, SMEs and other companies as accessible as possible. And that's not all, we also connect committed ambassadors with the companies in which they would like to invest.

Buying shares in a company is a matter of trust. Individuals who invest believe in the vision, mission and plans for the future. In the entrepreneur(s) they see the qualities they are looking for, in order to grow with the company into the company they have in mind.

It is this focus that makes investing attractive. And which leads to the fact that buying shares in a company is popular with forward-looking individuals. People who look beyond the direct return, because they want to contribute (and benefit in the long term).

Buying shares in a company is becoming easier, more accessible and simpler.

Sharefunding: Involved ambassador

Based on that vision, we work on sharefunding every day. To offer companies committed ambassadors, as an alternative to creditors who mainly look at the direct return.

We believe in individuals buying shares in a company. They invest their money in a company because they have the confidence that the company can continue to grow with it. In this way, the company grows from its own capital. And it takes on a lot less debt for that. So that loan capital is no longer leading, which contributes to financially sounder and more stable companies.

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Buying shares in a company

For example, buying shares in a company from a small project can eventually develop into a change that has much more impact. At Eyevestor we have long believed that debt should make way for investments. It improves engagement, lays the foundation for more growth, and delivers what the entrepreneurs and investors are looking for. So are you thinking of buying shares in a company? Or issuing shares? We bring entrepreneurs and investors together.

Actually, we do that as the fair is always intended, as it started in 1602. You can read more about that history on this page.