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Eyevestor wants to make investments possible, available, simple and accessible for everyone. At the same time, we just want everyone to participate and invest in a well-considered way.

Whether you are an employee, customer or investor. Tip 1: never put all your eggs in 1 basket. Eyevestor does not provide investment advice in any way. We give entrepreneurs opportunities.

Everything that is marketed on the eyevestor platform is the responsibility of the entrepreneurs.

We have built eyevestor in such a way that entrepreneurs can share, communicate and connect with their co-owners as much as possible. On this page we have explained some tips & tricks. You will also find more about eyevestor academy and eyevestor café on this page.


  • Imagina how big the company can realistically become
  • Dare to say no
  • Be realistic
  • If you receive offers, validate for yourself whether you really get value from them? and whether you think it's smart about the company
  • If it seems too good to be true - it is. (eventually)
  • Immerse yourself in negotiation tactics
  • When in doubt, drop out
  • There is always a better deal
  • Create your own minimum criteria and stick to them
  • Never spend more than 10% of your investable income on 1 eyeventure
  • What suits your friend doesn't have to suit you at all
  • Even with a marketplace, there doesn't always have to be a buyer or seller
  • Check when the marketplace opens if your investment is locked until. Does this suit with when you want to be able to sell your position.

The list can be endless. Also realize that the business case or the '' hockey stick '' is almost never achieved when this is the forecast. Think and at the same time the best deals are almost always determined by feeling.


Each eyeventure is divided into tabs.

With most tabs, the eyeventure is given the choice to determine who sees what and when.

The Legal tab and the Member type tab are always visible.

Below is an overview of a number of tabs that are also available for the eyeventure to position itself towards investors and shareholders.

The eyeventure itself determines whether this tab is private, visible to eye conholders, eyevestor users or completely public (if the eyeventure is also public). Each eyeventure also has the authority to fill in wherever they want.

- Pitch - has questions that give a quick impression of the products and services of the eyeventure or the underlying Operating Company - parent company or operating company. It's meant to be like an elevator pitch.

- Business Model Canvas - at a glance you can see in 9 blocks how the company is positioning itself

- SWOT & 5 forces - Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. How does the company view itself and the outside world. The ecosystem in which the company operates is represented with 5 forces.

- FAQ - here the eyeventure can ask 15 Frequently Asked Questions and provide answers.

- Financials & value - here the eyeventure can share its financial insights and valuations.

- ECO - In the Eyeventure Community Offering, the eyeventure can underpin its ECO / share funding campaign. Why are you doing the share funding round that you are doing?

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Choosing to join a start-up or scale-up is subjective, but it is important that you focus on objective information in your investment choice. It could be that an entrepreneur is so good at selling the shares in his company by means of beautiful pitch decks, videos or other marketing tricks. Do not let your choice largely depend on this, what a company itself brings out is simply not objective.

Fear of missing out
Being guided by "what everyone is doing" is often not a good choice, not even when investing in start-ups and scale-ups. When you follow others by investing when you yourself had initially decided to give up, there is "fear of missing out", FOMO. Nobody wants to be the one who missed the boat. That is also the smart thing about the Postcode Lottery. Nevertheless, it is important to base your choice mainly on your own analysis and your own position.


Last year's the book by Jeroen Bertrams 'Successful investing in startups' (in Dutch) is highly recommended. Jeroen has invested in more than 200 startups..


Eyevestor academy are board room sessions with up to ten entrepreneurs from existing customers to interested parties. The Academy takes place at our office in Utrecht. We do this every Thursday from 10-12. Reserve your spot.


We organize eyevestor café on tour for and with entrepreneurs and investors. Reserve your spot.

Short or more extensive on-site sessions to answer entrepreneurs and investors their questions, share our findings and understand what is going on with entrepreneurs.

Check the calendar to see if we will be near you soon. Drop by for a cup of coffee and cake.

If you would like us to come to your location for an eyevestor café, mail

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