Affordable. Simple.

Pay where you grow

We believe in sharing success. Pay when the value is delivered.

Investor (Vestor)

Check transaction charges.

Organisation (Eyeventure)

All functionalities are included. As Eyeventure you pay for your eyeventure environment and for the number of shareholder accounts.
The seller pays for transactions, unless otherwise determined by the eyeventure.

Once live. Subscription including 100 accounts: €1,200 per year.

Additional accounts from €0.25 per account per month.

Accounts Amount PA-PM PA-PY Annual charge
Basic incl. 100 investors 100 € 1,200
Block 1 t/m 5 500 € 0.25 € 3.00 € 1,500
Block 6 t/m 10 500 € 0.15 € 1.80 € 900
Block 11 t/m 15 500 € 0.10 € 1.20 € 600

If your require more than an additional 1,500 accounts, please contact us.

Eyecon governance test €300 one-off

New eyecon issue €100.

Transaction charges

By default, the seller pays transaction fees. Eyeventure determines.

2.5% (€1 minimum - €1,250 maximum)

For more information and details, please contact us.



Post, respond, invite, poll and vote. Involve , communicate.

Poll & Vote

Community-module. Share news and updates. Automatic email.


Easy export in excel and pdf, annual overviews.


Legally aligned and in accordance with model statutes.


Four member types. All the flexibility you will need.


Present your company the way you want. You decide who sees what and when.


Clear overview of all your shareholders and their positions online, in real time.


You decide. Set your conditions. All types of transactions you will need.

Get paid

Transaction lifecycle and integrated automatic payment processing.


Full transparency. Audit trail on every transaction and action.

Issue share

Issue shares for each round you do.


Turn your marketplace on/off. Set your marketplace privacy and conditions.


Registration module to enable registrations in the platform and on your own website.


Referral module gives investors their referral code in order to engage others.


Pay your dividend to your co-owners with profit sharing.


Set up your own marketplace including the mid price and bandwidth

Investors & Eyeventures

For more information and details please contact us.