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As consultant, accountant, valuator, lawyer, strengthen your relations with your customers by supporting them in their setup, the development and evolution of their Eyeventure.

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These beautiful parties already partner with Eyevestor

Schut van de Ven


Schut van de Ven is an independent firm of notaries. They invested in the creation of the model statutes directly usable on Eyevestor.

VISIT Partner

Haring fiscaal advies


Register Tax Advisor who does know how to make it more fun and easy.

VISIT Partner


Company valuation

BlueSuit creates financial reports and cash flow estimates with advanced algorithms.

VISIT Partner

RS Finance


The accountant who does more with guts. Ready for a good conversation!

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Forward Finance

The cooperative for the innovators of the finance sector.

VISIT Partner


Cooperative counting

Manifest! Your dream and mission as starting points.

VISIT Partner

Next Step Factory

Think in solutions

The cooperative coaches and consultants who work together with SMEs on People, Finance, Strategy and Organisation

VISIT Partner


away we go!

Nudge wants people and organizations to find each other. To be able to move on together, achieve more together. That speeds up and strengthens. And that is exactly what we want.


Social Brothers

Computer Nerds with balls! & more

Online Marketing, SEO, Virtual Reality, Apps, Presentations and WordPress site builders. To increase brand recognition or the creation of the marketing. We do it!