Eyecons zijn de digitale weergave van het juridische eigendomsrecht dat je beheert, bezit of in investeert. Per bedrijf is dit afhankelijk van de entiteit (Eyeventure) die beheerd wordt op Eyevestor. Eyecons zijn
1. Aandelen (NV)
2. Certificaten van Aandelen (STAK**)
3. Lidmaatschapsrechten (Coop)
Wat is een eyecon?


Via our platform you determine how you set up, position and share your company with your ambassadors. For example, all transactions take place bilaterally, without the intervention of an intermediary. All agreements are stored immutably.

We believe in culture and infrastructure and not in rules from above. We operate via the AFM guidelines and mainly validate that what the Eyeventure sells is legally correct. Read the frequently asked questions.

Work with your ambassador co-owners towards your organizational goal. Fund growth, offer a market and increase your involvement through your community!

A total solution with advanced tools to turn your Equity into Related Equity. It may seem too good to be true. Yet the possibilities and control lie entirely with you.

Step 2: Set your terms & conditions

Determine your conditions and set the 4 Member types. Easily record complex agreements, clear to everyone. Go public or stay private. Determine which tabs are visible to whom. There is all the flexibility to set it up.

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Assign your Member types (your company has different stakeholders and shareholders). Assign rights to each Member type.

Assign Member types the frequency that Eyecons can be traded (between 1 and 365 days). Assign minimum and maximum positions for your Members.

Assign per Member voting rights and vote weighting. You decide the conditions and at which percentage decisions can be taken.

Go Live

Step 4: Fund growth, provide a marketplace and increase engagement

Keep everyone informed by emails and online in your Community environment. Let eyeconholders vote. Set up your referral and Member get Member program. Communicate your news with Posts, Let everyone vote Poll & Vote and send calendar invites. Set up your video conferences in platform. Open or close the marketplace.

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Cool, you are live now !

Now you can transfer eyecons to all your existing shareholders.

You want to raise capital? Setup an EPO; a public or private Eyecon Offering for your Eyeventure.

Issue new Eyecons. Decide whether the offering is private, public, semi-public or for certain Member types only.

Raise & Value
With your marketplace and liquidity in your Eyecons it is low-barrier to invest. The liquidity also gives your company a market valuation.

Dare to share!

Want to know more

Eyevestor provides you the tools and possibilities to do more with your company's shares (equity). That starts with easily digitalising your company’s equity. Have stakeholders and employees involved more easily and actively. These tools give you the power to make your paperwork more easy and central.

You will also have access to a community part where you can keep your stakeholders up to date, individually or collectively. We stand for any business that wants to raise capital, start their employee stock plan or create a secondary market for their shareholders. We stand for any investor who wants to buy shares in businesses they believe in. That’s why we built Eyevestor. To connect businesses directly to investors. To make buying and selling shares easy. To dare to share.

We stand for accessibility and liquidity for everybody. We stand for freedom and value. We stand for a share in each other.
We want to disrupt the global equity market, one of the most inefficient and secretive industries you could imagine. We have created a simple accessible platform where any business owner can offer shares of their business direct to investors. Or reward their employees with shares. Size doesn’t matter.

If you want to share you can! We want every company or organization to be able to share their equity with the people who care for their company or organization.Our vision – Dare to share! Sharing increases your scope. With Eyevestor, you can.
At its core our platform is really simple. It allows business owners to digitalise their shareholders register and keep the communication updated with its stakeholders.

Furthermore, it allows business owners to sell equity in their business in return for capital from investors. To make them your ambassadors.

The clever bit is that business owners choose the terms on which they sell their equity and how actively they want to engage with their investors. A small family business could use our platform to manage a simple private sale of an equity stake in order to ensure the sale is secure, legal and transparent.Additionally, we offer a secondary market where investors can buy and sell shares from each other.
We let you digitalise your equity as well as the marketing, buying and selling of your shares. Eyevestor provides solutions to entrepreneurs, shareholders and investors. For entrepreneurs we enable and empower them to digitally register and administer equity as well as raise capital through equity issuance through our online ecosystem platform.

Eyevestor is a total solution to get enterprises to do more with their equity; to turn equity into engaged equity. Our solution provides possibilities, choice, freedom and value. A total equity solution with advanced tools to interactively involve, engage shareholders and investors and get the highest value out of your share capital.
Yes – register and create your company’s profile (Eyeventure) online for free. Start by arranging the terms and conditions digital that you already have analogous.
Whilst many providers aim to avoid any regulatory and compliance activities, we believe it is important to offer a fully regulated platform, and therefore we are committed to working with regulators and policy makers.

We are in good and regular contact with the regulator (the AFM), Currently we are not under any regulatory jurisdiction, since the business we provide is nothing different than what is already going on analogous. Eyevestor as an ecosystem has been designed and built so Eyevestor and her stakeholders act in accordance with the guidelines of the AFM and when that is not the case we can act accordingly. We refer to our General- & Use Terms.
No, The Eyecon is no coin or crypto it is a digital representation of the legal ownershiprights of the Eyeventure (The company on Eyevestor). The Eyeventure manages and governs its eyecons on the Eyevestor platform and the Eyeconholders can invest or take part in them.

It depends on the entity of the Eyeventure what ownershiprights the eyecons represent:
1. Shares (PLC)
2. Certificate of shares (Trustoffice)
3. Membership rights (Coop)

For Eyevestor it is vital that we offer a fully legal platform and that all the information displayed is correct.  In the legal tab of the Eyeventure you find all the documentation of the company. You don’t have to buy a coin or token before you can buy an eyecon. You pay the eyecon that you buy in Euros and there is no further conversion taking place.
Thereis no connection between a coin and an eyecon. No money is held or managed anywhere on Eyevestor. There is also no coin. Eyecon - stands for contract, where EYE stands for Equity You Earn.
Basically yes. You can have max 20 accounts if you can not prove that you are legal and confirm what you are selling.
As little as possible. The intention is that all arrangements made in the Eyeventure are done at a  bilateral level between the entrepreneur and the investor / eyeconholder. The main supervision Eyevestor performs is the validation of what the Eyeventure promises is correct and does exist. We believe in a culture and an infrastructure, not in ruling from above. Eyevestor always retains the right to intervene reactive or proactive.
The money is always exchanged between the buyer and the seller. Every transactionis paid to Stichting Derdengelden Eyevestor. The payments are deposited into this account and in the same transaction the seller receives the money and the buyer is credited with the Eyecons. Transaction costs are paid following the conditions set by the Eyeventure.

There are 3 options:
- 1. Buyer pays,
- 2. Seller pays,
- 3. Both share the costs 50/50.

The three transaction types are ECO, Marketplace and Direct Sale. Default setup is: Seller pays. All the setup details in each Eyeventure can be found in the Legal Tab.
As little as possible. The intention is that all arrangements made in the Eyeventure are done at a  bilateral level between the entrepreneur and the investor / eyeconholder. The main supervision Eyevestor performs is the validation of what the Eyeventure promises is correct and does exist. We believe in a culture and an infrastructure, not in ruling from above. Eyevestor always retains the right to intervene reactive or proactive.
When you let others invest in your organisation, you gain ambassadors and create optimal value
For over 400 years the stock exchanges were only 'for the happy few' now every organisation can engage its equity capital.
Loyalty stems from something we can’t measure. It’s built on how the stakeholder feels, driven by his or her values.