I was already a fan and now also co-owner!

Because it is owned by all of us, we all work towards the same goal

Love, own and share has been the best recipe for our café!

Because of my participation my favourite spot keeps making me happy!

Thanks to my members we start with two more brand new locations

The Share Company

Get the most out of your Enterprise value by making your Stakeholders your Community. Make it easy for customers, fans, suppliers and investors to participate in the shares of your company. Dare to share!

Love | Own | Share because we believe in more freedom and possibilities. Because we believe in a share in each other.
Because there is a market for The Share Company for 99% of all companies and for 99% of all people who today are not active in equity. To transform our debt society into an equity society. To enable to invest and participate in the share capital of companies. Companies with who you share their passion and believe in their future. Because they do what you stand for and produce what you care for. That is why we started The Share Company. To connect, involve and for motivated ambassadors.

About us

Involvement & Participation


Participate and invest in companies you love, care for, belong to and are a fan of.
Because you know the enterprise and the team works to deserve your ambassadorship! Mutual love pays!


You are already a customer, employee, partner, supplier; a stakeholder. Invest and profit as an ambassador! Where do you eat when you are co-owner in one of your favorite restaurants?


The English word for share says it all. Equity, share and multiply. Connect with your community. Engage. Grow your equity. Involve and make your share capital stronger.

That's how your business gains more value appreciation

How does an Eyeventure work?

Your digital stock and company show case. That is your Eyeventure. Your community environment from which you communicate with each other. Posts, polls and invites are sent, questions answered. Where everyone's positions and transactions are recorded. From where you launch your ECO, your Eyeventure Community Offering, position your funding campaign and where your private share marketplace takes place, where transactions are settled automatically, real-time and transparently, where you receive your money directly.

Where you have a direct relationship with your shareholders .

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Together Manifesto

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The new co-owners of WOK! Utrecht

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Koen Peters

I did not know that investing gives such an extra dimension. I have been a customer for many years, but now even when I drive past it I realise that I am a co-owner

Vince Bollé

As an employee, I contribute to the success of the company. Now that my reward also depends on what we achieve together, I unconsciously make a harder effort and feel more appreciated!

Joyce Larsbeek

Imagine that I can be co-owner in all companies where I am a customer ... Why would I still become a customer of companies that do not offer me this opportunity ?! ”

I participate in companies I truely believe in !

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Equity vs Debt

A healthy company has good creditworthiness. A strong equity position gives you choice, possibilities and freedom. Before the Flex BV it was a requirement, now it makes sense. Borrowing creates dependence and (monthly) obligations.

Borrowing money, costs money. Borrowing and lending is easy, addictive. The economy and our society run on debt. We would like to see that differently. Borrowing creates dependence. Shares are the recognition of social dependence. The more value you create, the more appreciation you get. The more space you get to borrow more.

Issueing and publishing shares costs future profit sharing but at the same time results in closer relationships. You decide to what extent you give up control.

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WOK! Vredenburg

As a true 2.0 experience and a shared dining concept, it is cool that we can involve people in the ownership of Wok Vredenburg. Thanks to the possibilities that Eyevestor offers, we can let everyone participate. It is great that we can grow by having our stakeholders share in ownership and profit.





funded in 2 weeks

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Co-owner from €50

August 2019



Samen een Korte Keten

The beautiful people from Samen een Koe Kopen have started SEKK Cooperative. Not only to raise financing, but also because they want to involve customers, employees and suppliers. "It is the most charming form of financing and fits in best with the Samen een Korte Keten (together a short chain) idea." SEKK is ready for the next growth phase, has a proven business model optimized for current sales, ready for scaling up.

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Investeer v.a. €50


Whoever comes into hospitals knows about the vulnerability of patients.

As an experience expert and working in  hospitals, Nicole came up with the idea to give people more control over privacy. "This is not how we should transport patients in  'public' spaces?!"

The solution is the Bedhoodie! "Eyevestor fits in with the idea that the Bedhoodie should be for everyone"

Bezoek Bedhoodie

Investeer v.a. €250


Co-owner from €250

August 2019



What will be your Eyeventure?

Eyevestor is for every company and in every phase of your company. For startups, scale-ups and small, medium and large companies. For real estate, for employee participation, for customer remuneration and for collecting growth money. If you want to offer liquidity in your shares, or offer a market for your shares, you switch on the marketplace so that your shareholders can easily and easily buy and sell shares. The Eyeventure or Equity Community Offering (ECO) is there to place your own shares so that your community can invest directly in your company.

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