"I was always a fan and now also a co-owner!"

"Sharefunding is taking the next step with your supporters."

"You can already buy a share for €50 so each customer can become a co-owner in our company."

"Eyevestor is the ease way to sell shares to our fan base."

"Thanks to our members we will open two brand-new branches."

Betrokkenheid & Deelname


Get the most out of your enterprise by establishing a community for your stakeholders. Mutual engagement pays off.


Give customers, fans, suppliers and investors the opportunity to participate in your company.


Together you are stronger and connection ensures growth. Participation is equivalent to multiplication. Dare to share!

Our product your solution

We believe that companies in today's society can do much more with their equity. That is why we offer solutions for entrepreneurs, shareholders and investors. Participate in companies which impact the world of tomorrow.

Through our platform we make digitizing, buying and selling of shares accessible and easy for all companies. From registering your share capital to managing your administration and interactively involving your stakeholders: Our advanced tool, the Eyeventure, offers the total solution.

The Eyeventure gives entrepreneurs new possibilities to sell shares in exchange of work and/or capital. Large, middle and small companies are given the opportunity to create a community for shareholders in a digital environment where all involved are directly connected.

This way, everyone has insight into transactions, agreements and administration. Everything is visible at a glance and everyone can participate and provide input from any location.

This is How it Works

Equity You Earn

Achieve more with equity

Enlighten me How

What will be your Eyeventure?

Eyevestor is for every company and every phase of your company. For startups, scale-ups and small, medium and large companies. For stock administration, employee participation, customer remuneration, raising growth money and connecting your supporters.

As long as it is clear what you offer economically and legally, you can manage and manage agreements and rights in units on eyevestor.

Do you want liquidity in your shares, offer a market in your shares then you switch on the marketplace so that your shareholders can easily and easily buy and sell shares.

The Eyeventure Community Offering (ECO) is there to place your own shares so that your community can invest directly in your company.


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