"In 36 hours 150 customers as co-owner. The Sharepeople ambition is every customer as a co-owner."

"This was the right way for me to participate in a wonderful company I am behind for 110%!"

"Sharefunding is so much more than crowdfunding."

"Coopervative is working togeter, sharing together."

"Friends and family were amazed how you become shareholder in 10 seconds, fantastic."


Solidarity is paramount at Sharepeople. Involving customers is therefore natural. Making them co-owners is the ultimate form of ambassadorship.

In 36 hours, 150+ customers raised the required € 125,000 for the next growth phase.

Sharepeople will continuously give customers the opportunity to become co-owners.





in 36 hours 150 co-owners

continuous programme to become co-owner as well as customer


from €50

Engaging Customers and suppliers in the mission and growth


Samen een Korte Keten

In order to involve its customers, employees and suppliers in the organization, Together a Cow Buying SEKK Cooperative was started.

By creating a community, the cooperative can fully focus on the next growth phase.


Visit SEKK's eyeventure

Invest from €50

WOK! Vredenburg

WOK! Vredenburg does not only focus on shared dining, but also on shared entrepreneurship. Thanks to the possibilities of eyevestor, fans of the company can participate in growth and profit. Read more about the WOK success story here! Vredenburg.

After successful funding, WOK opens! its eyecon marketplace January 1, 2020





Funded in 2 weeks

Read WOK!'s story


Co-owner from €250

For every neew phase a new round. Patent request ongoing



As an experience expert, Nicole knew better than anyone that hospital patients are in great need of privacy. Thanks to Eyevestor, Nicole was able to launch "Bedhoodie": A movable hood that can be tilted over the head of a hospital bed or treatment chair. Read more about the Bedhoodie success story here in their eyeventure.


Visit Bedhoodie's eyeventure

Invest from €250

Samen Manifesto

Bezoek Manifesto

De nieuwe eigenaren van WOK! Utrecht

Bezoek WOK!

"My husband and I have invested because if we want to continue to eat meat, we want to do so in a responsible and sustainable way. With qualitatively beautiful meat, a good life for both animals and farmers. With the environmental eye on a good future for our children and grandchildren."
"I just have full faith in you."
"I did it, I am the proud owner of SEKK Eyecons. Today I caught up to 75 tractors on the A28, so I thought this was a good time. My confidence in your entrepreneurship is great, and strengthened by how you handle this campaign. And now make that chain shorter - success!"

Koen Peters

I did not know that investing gives such an extra dimension. I have been a customer for many years, but now even when I drive past it I realise that I am a co-owner

Vince Bollé

As an employee, I contribute to the success of the company. Now that my reward also depends on what we achieve together, I unconsciously make a harder effort and feel more appreciated!

Joyce Larsbeek

Imagine that I can be co-owner in all companies where I am a customer ... Why would I still become a customer of companies that do not offer me this opportunity ?! ”

I participate in companies I truely believe in !

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