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Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs to do more with their own equity. Giving entrepreneurs more options with their shares. And... our vision is to make investing, funding and participating in companies where you belong accessible, simple and fun for everyone.

From employee to co-entrepreneur, from customer to ambassador, from private equity to engaged equity. From Venture to Eyeventure. From Investor to Vestor.

We do this with a stable platform, accessible to everyone. The entrepreneur issues shares, the investor communicates financially in the growth, the Vestor is rewarded by the growth in its share! OWN IT!

TLuuk de Waal Malefijt
Madeline van Schothorst

The right hand woman. the anchor, in everything in-and-around the office and eyevestor. Madeline ensures that the operations, the processes are optimal and that no celebration moments are skipped.

She also sends you your invoice, so you also have to deal with Madeline there.

Wouter Hagoort
Wouter Hagoort

You buy from Wouter with love. Every customer has its own story. Directing and navigating the strategic choices that customers make, that is what makes Wouter so great.

Wouter can tailor you the exact suit. Exactly how he also works along with the customer, with the highest level of service.

Patrick Rodijk
Patrick Rodijk

Patrick takes you with him, with expertise and of business and more. If you don't get caught by his energy and creativity then it's time to look at yourself.

From deal to customer and from customer to deal, the pipeline remains filled and the market is growing every day.

Madeline van Schothorst
Rob Scholte

Rob brings the figures, processes and the story together. He not only has the skills, experience and CV for that, but also the mentality and perseverance. As a backbone, Rob creates order, peace and clarity.

Gijs Dalen Meurs
Gijs Dalen Meurs

His nickname used to be the forward-thinker. With a youthful passion, Gijs works on his purpose to give entrepreneurs more equity opportunities. And to make investing in companies where you belong the most common thing in the world for everyone. Here's to the crazy ones!

Benjamin Bosmans
Benjamin Bosmans

Give Ben a challenge and before you know it something has been fully developed or valued. With a sober look and a donw-to-earth attitude, he makes complex simple. He keeps it balanced by sticking to his Brabant roots. Let's celebrate...cheers

From equity with love

For SMEs, which are the engine of both the economy and society, there is no place or community where equity capital can be traded. Since all financing via banks takes place as debt and a stock exchange listing or private equity funding in the traditional sense is reserved for only a few, Eyevestor is the share funding solution for the 99% of the companies / organizations that are not listed ('the rest of us'). So we gave each company their own listing environment, the eyeventure.

Through decades of experience in the financial, SMB and IT industries, we have noticed that organizations with 10 to 1,000 employees do not have the ability to create liquidity in their equity capital. That is why we decided to merge the financial world with IT and engagement, energy and entrepreneurship. Meet Eyevestor, The Share Company, which makes a market available to 99% of all companies and all people not yet actively investing in shares.

On the one hand, Eyevestor enables entrepreneurs to do more with equity capital. On the other hand, we involve individuals in investing and participating in the shares of companies and organizations in which they believe.

We encourage entrepreneurship by connecting motivated ambassadors and by enabling entrepreneurs to deploy their own capital, their shares. We are the forerunner of unlisted equity capital. Because equality fascinates. Equity fundraising means not only the ability to finance and survive a launch, but to leverage it to its fullest value.

Without equity fundraising, growth can be much slower, if not severely limited. Much more important than the money is to bring in equity partners who, with a vested interest, contribute to the success of the entrepreneurs they believe in.


De Golden Circle OF Eyevestor

Why: Empower
How: Equity
What: Share

In line with the ideas of Simon Sinek, described in his bestseller, Start with Why, the WHY of Eyevestor can be expressed in one word: ON (empower). Eyevestor makes it possible for entrepreneurs and investors / Vestors to have control over the development / growth of companies / organizations: leave them ON (empower them). Eyevestor does this by making it easy to SHARE the equity, see the HOW here. And most practically Eyevestor's WHAT consists of the platform with which SHARES, eyecons, can be marketed and traded in various Eyeventures.

Eyevestor, OWN IT

Own it is to Eyevestor, what Just do it is to Nike. The Own it theme brings the essence of the brand's Golden Circle to life in an emotional way. According to the dictionary, Own it stands for: 'Taking responsibility and pride in something, being accountable, being cool (he owns it)'. Own it applies  to entrepreneurs, yet also to investors, as well as to share capital  and equity in particular.

This also applies to the what of Eyevestor: shares (the means to own), the how: sharing (own it too / together) and of course the why: own it to ... ignite enterprise